Benefits of Papaya and its effect on child birth


With their due date approaching, many pregnant women in their final month of pregnancy want to prepare for delivery and speed up its process in a natural and easy manner. What are some of the suitable foods and herbs that pregnant women can incorporate into their daily routine during the ninth month of pregnancy leading up to their due date? Why do so many women prefer eating papaya during the final month of pregnancy? What are the benefits of the enzymes in papaya for pregnancy and how do they facilitate the process of natural childbirth to make it easier? You’ll find the answer to these questions in the following article;


What is papaya and what is the papaya enzyme?

The Papaya enzyme, also known as Papain enzyme, is an enzyme extracted from the papaya plant that works on breaking down proteins.


Using papaya pills during the ninth month of pregnancy and its effect on the delivery process:

Based on personal experiences of pregnant women that consumed papaya pills that contain Papain enzyme over a period of several years, it has been proven that papaya helps the child birth process through stimulating uterine contractions. Papaya is also a rich source of fiber and vitamins which are needed by pregnant women during the final months leading up to childbirth.


Green Papaya is considered t be a rich source of papain enzyme, its leaves contain a compound known as “Latex”, which is a substance that acts as both as a Prostaglandin and Oxytocin which stimulates womb contractions and consequently labor, facilitate and speed up natural delivery, as it is considered the preferred way to give birth for both the mother and the child.


How can you obtain papaya for papaya enzymes in order to stimulate labor?

Papaya can be eaten either raw/ fresh or enjoyed in many recipes, or can be consumed in the form of capsules and chewable tablets (supplements) containing the papain enzyme. These supplements also contain beneficial supplements that help promote natural delivery and induce labor in pregnant women.


Fruits and herbs that help soften and open the cervix:

There are several fruits and herbs that are recommended for pregnant women to incorporate into their diet during the final month of pregnancy to facilitate and speed up childbirth, stimulate uterine contractions and promote labor, such as:

  • Pineapples: Pineapples contain bromelain enzyme, which is known to help soften and open up the cervix in pregnant women and hence stimulate labor and stimulate smooth muscles, while also strengthening them to start uterine contractions. This is why many pregnant women increase their consumption of pineapple in the weeks leading up to delivery.
  • Red raspberry leaves: red raspberry leaves are helpful for all women, especially pregnant women, which is why they are also known as the “woman’s tea” or “woman’s herb”. Red raspberry leaves contain “fragarine”, which is a substance that works on stimulating and increasing uterine muscle contractions, which aids in the process of natural delivery, shortens it and stabilizes it. Red raspberry leaves also help in reducing bleeding after delivery, and have a number of other benefits for both pregnant and non-pregnant women.

Additional steps that can be followed to speed up natural delivery and open up the cervix:

Pregnant women are seeking other effective methods besides nutrition that help relieve, facilitate and speed up the pain of childbirth, these techniques include:

  • Exercising and daily walks: helps strengthen and relax the uterine muscles, long walks help get the baby into the right position for delivery, which helps begin labor.
  • Using warm water: helps ease the process of delivery, as well as alleviate the pain that accompanies uterine contractions
  • Massages: massages help increase the hormone oxytocin, which helps stimulate uterine contractions and promote delivery.
  • Intercourse: during the final months of pregnancy, intercourse helps speed up the process of natural delivery, increase uterine contractions, as well as increase the secretion of oxytocin which is the hormone responsible for inducing labor
  • Nipple stimulation: the process of nipple stimulation is done by massaging the nipples in a circular motion to release oxytocin which promotes uterine contractions and stimulates labor
  • Acupuncture: one of the practices of alternative medicine, which helps induce labor and natural delivery, and ease the pain that accompanies delivery



BioPapaya plus

Bio Energy Plus has released their new product “Bio Papaya Plus” which contains Papaya Fruit and its Papain enzyme, as well as Bromelain, the pineapple enzyme in a concentrated amount in the form of a pill. Red Raspberry leaves are also added as an ingredient.

Red raspberry leaves are commonly used by women in the western world to the extent that is has been called the “woman’s herb” due to their extensive benefits which include:

Strengthening thee uterine muscles, which plays a role in strengthening contractions during childbirth, making them more effective, and will also reduce:

  • Labor
  • The need to use forceps or resort to vacuum birth.
  • Requiring a C-section.